Performance Transformers

performance-u-bahn-station Kopie

Thiago Bortolozzo presents a performance installation called Transformers this time in partnership with Robin Resch. The action happened in the Hallesches Tor in Berlin, like end presentation “finissage” of the exhibition “La belle Alliance”.

perfomance berlin

The duo of contemporary artistis are Students of postgraduate Space Strategies in the School of Art Weißensse in Berlin. The performance is a transdisciplinary site specific project that involves video, body and public context. Thinking about the gentrification movement what happens in the region, the 2 contemporary artists created this action.

performance video installation robin resch thiago bortolozzo

The action start with a big installation with cardboards, where are project explosions videos of houses and building then suddenly this Installation begins to move and interact with the spaces and people that in the region were passable.

performance in the park

performance and cars

performance transformers end

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