Heavy Metal, performance

kunst performance in berlin

In this Project Heavy Metal there is a combination of architecture space and bodies. With two iron construction columns the artists create a variable of combinations that makes a tension between the limits of the space and bodies.

contemporary performance action heavy metal

Yiannis pappas: Yiannis Pappas was born in Patmos Island, now he lives and works in Berlin.He have studied Sculpur in School of Fine Arts in Athens and he makes a Master studio in KhB Weissensee. Thiago Bortolozzo was born in Brazil and has been living in Berlin since 2008 he studied Fine Arts at the University of São Paulo and has been studding since 2010 Master of Arts in Strategies of the Space at the Kunsthochschule Weißensse. In his artworks makes relations with the Architecture, working with Interventions, installations, photos and paintings.

photos: wieyi and Arianne Vitale

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